Job Aids

Welcome to COHA

As a COHA executive you are given a COHA email so people can send you email and we can list it without exposing your main email address. When you get one you may choose between two types of email addresses:


Webmail (through your browser) is at

First Sign In

When you first sign in you will be presented with a settings page.

See this webmail first sign in job aid that walks you through signing in, changing your password and setting up the above with pictures as I created for John last year.

Email Apps

To use an email app on your phone, like K-9 Mail, Spark, Gmail or other, or to use a program on your computer, like Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Apple Mail, Outlook or other, here are the settings. Some of these settings may be auto-detected by your email program, and you may not need to type these in. If you will be using multiple devices, including both webmail and an app on your phone, you will probably want to use IMAP.

Incoming IMAP/POP3 server

Sending/Outgoing Server setting: