T2 Short Return Job Aide

The T2 Short Return is us telling the government where our money came from and how it was spent.

Tips & Info

Schedule 24

We don’t need to file 24 because it’s not our first time!

Part 1

Part 1 of what?

Schedule 100* ✓



Retained earnings

Schedule 101 ✓



Shareholder Equity

Retained Earnings

Schedule 125* ✓

Non-farming revenue

Non-farming expenses: Cost of sales

We don’t sell stuff. Leave blank.

Non-farming expenses: Operating expenses

Note: Schedule 140 is in the Schedule 125 PDF. Just leave this blank.

Schedule 141*

Schedule 1 ✓

The top of the sheet (A) has the net return from line 9999 of Schedule 125. Everything else is blank because our finances are so basic. The very bottom shows the same number. That number is then copied to line 300 on page 3 of the T2 Short Return.

T2 Short Return

Only the following items need to be entered are below.

T2 Short E - Page 1

T2 Short E - Page 2 (I think)

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