Here is the Objectives and Constitution of the Central Ontario Humanists Association.


The purposes and objectives of the Association are:

  1. To promote the ideas and philosophy of humanism by all available means of education and communication.

  2. To serve the educational needs of its members and others of humanistic, scientific and naturalistic outlook in a democratic, non-dogmatic manner free from authoritarian doctrine.

  3. To provide opportunities for fellowship, study and service at all levels of humanistic endeavour, and to advance the values and welfare of all in dedication to the continuing enhancement of human life through human effort and understanding.

  4. To offer and provide meaningful, dignified ceremonies to members and non-members at significant times such as marriage and death; such ceremonies to be free from supernatural implications.

  5. To elaborate, and express publicly, humanist positions on issues of concern to people, including values, morality, and ethics.


Article 1 : NAME

The name of the group shall be Central Ontario Humanists Association, hereinafter referred to as COHA.


The short definition, the Humanist Life-stance, Declaration of Humanist principles and objectives of COHA are described in “Central Ontario Humanist Association: Objectives”.

Article 3 : MEMBERSHIP

Section 1 : Membership to COHA is open to all who accept the Constitution and By-Laws of COHA and on payment of dues as specified in the By-Laws of COHA.

Section 2 : Members of COHA are required to be paid up members of H.A.C.

Section 3 : Membership in COHA shall commence on date of payment of dues for a period of one year.

Section 4 : Any member of the general public is free to attend three Regular, General, or Special meetings of COHA, after which dues must be paid.

Section 5 : The amount of dues, and allowed methods of payment are set from time to time by the Executive Committee.


Section 1 : The affairs of COHA shall be conducted by COHA members at Regular and General meetings and by the Executive Committee. Each member is entitled to one secret vote per affair being decided at Regular and General meetings.

Section 2 : The Executive Committee are volunteers, and shall be duly elected by the General Membership at the Annual meeting, or as their terms come due.

Section 3 : There shall be at least one General meeting per year for the purpose of Election of Officers, presenting Financial Statements, Minutes of previous meeting and such other matters as deemed necessary for an Annual General Meeting.


Section 1 : The Officers of COHA shall be : President, Vice-President, Secretary, Membership Director, Treasurer.

Section 2 : The President chairs Executive Committee and General meetings, supervises the General and Business Affairs of COHA, and makes public statements consistent with the Objectives of COHA.

Section 3 : The Vice-President chairs meetings and fulfils all such other duties in the absence of the President.

Section 4 : The Secretary, both corresponding and recording, prepares together with the President an agenda for meetings, both Executive and General. The Secretary keeps minutes of these meetings and presents same to members in attendance. The Secretary is responsible for filing all correspondence, minutes of Meetings, and Documents of COHA for future references.

Section 5 : The Membership Director is responsible for sending notices to Members, enforcing membership rules, carrying out membership drives, and shall keep a Member Register of all paid up members.

Section 6 : The Treasurer is responsible for collection of Membership Dues, recording same, issuing receipts, paying invoices after approval by the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall keep accurate Financial Records. The Treasurer shall prepare an Annual Financial Statement to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

Article 6 : FINANCES

Section 1 : The Funds of COHA shall be deposited in the name of COHA in a bank or other financial institution, selected by the Executive Committee.

Section 2 : Three signing Officers shall be named, President, Treasurer and any other member of the Executive Committee. Cheques signed by any signing officer are valid.

Section 3 : In the event of dissolution, any remaining funds shall be distributed to a recognized charitable organization subject to approval by the Executive Committee.

Article 7: POLICIES

Policies of COHA shall be proposed by the Executive Committee, but major decisions shall be made by the General Membership.

Article 8 : ELECTIONS

Section 1 : Notice of date, place, time, and all electable positions shall be made by email or in writing to all COHA members, 60 days prior to the General meeting.

Section 2 : All nominations must be in writing to the Secretary, signed by two members, and include the consent of the nominee. Any member may nominate a person or persons to stand for election for any or all available positions.

Article 9 : AMENDMENTS

This Constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the Members present at any meeting such that the amendment specifics shall be provided by email or in writing to all members 30 days prior to the meeting.